Spencer Lloyd NAKED Selfies Leaked!!

This hunk is truly an “American Idol”, especially now that his leaks are out! That’s right, the Spencer Lloyd naked selfies are turning him into a huge star. This tan and muscular man is creating a frenzy with his private dick pics that leaked. Some speculate he released them on the internet himself to attract more attention to himself, but those are just rumors.

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Before you see Spencer undressed with his hard cock in his hand, here are somethings you might not know about him:

Spencer Lloyd NAKED Selfies Leaked!!Spencer Lloyd NAKED Selfies Leaked!!

  • He was on the show American Idol in 2013. Out of 100,000 singers, he reached to number 14.
  • He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and is a Virgo.
  • He played in a youth band since the age of 14 years old and toured in cities all over the United States.
  • In high school he was in drama class and was involved in school plays.
  • He has over 21.4k followers on Twitter and 25.7k followers on Instagram.
  • He is a Senior Instructor at Barry’s Boot Camp and is a model for Chi & Miami.
  • According to Bustle.com, Spencer Lloyd was the “bad guy” on American Idol’s season 13. During the “group night” episode, Spencer didn’t help his group-mates Megan Miller and Alyssa Siebken with the song “Best I Ever Had” by Gavin Degraw. He knew all the words and left them to fend for themselves. People say this is what probably got him kicked off the show as the 14th contestant.
  • Jennifer Lopez called him the “pretty guy” when he stepped on stage in Austin, Texas for the audition. He sang Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone”. According to reports, he is also an aspiring Christian artist. He once said “I’m not an amazing singer or musician that full of so much amazing talent, but I will use every bit I have to glorify God”.

Spencer Lloyd Naked Selfies & Dick Pics

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Spencer Lloyd Sexy Modeling Pics

Spencer Lloyd NAKED Selfies Leaked!!Spencer Lloyd NAKED Selfies Leaked!!


Watch him perform on American Idol XIII below:

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