Why The Hell Are There So Many Nude Male Celebs?

Our website is packed to the brim with nude male celebs. They are always popping up everywhere. However, did you ever stop and think “why are there so many nude male celebs out there?”. Honestly, we didn’t. Not until recently. We think we got a decent answer for you, though.

Genuine leaked images

Surprisingly, very few pictures which people claim to be ‘leaks’ are actually leaks. Sure, a few images probably didn’t get leaked through The Fappening, but most of them were released by the PR companies for the nude celebs, or just by the celeb themselves.

Dotted throughout this site, you do have genuine leaked images. This means people have had their iCloud account hacked or whatever and the pictures stuck online. Often, it is going to be really, really difficult to tell what a genuine leak and a controlled leak actually is, though.

They want fame

Kim Kardashian may not necessarily have been a ‘nobody’ when her porn video was unleashed upon the world, neither was Paris Hilton, but let’s be honest, the fame from those videos really did help.

While men do have a far, far more difficult time of gaining fame from leaked images, it certainly does work. Obviously, you are going to need to be good looking or it is going to work against you. I don’t know how many of you know of this, but the dude from Saved By The Bell (Screech) had a leaked video of him released (which he then used to make a bit of cash), but nobody really wanted to look at Screech doing a bit of anal, so he didn’t gain much fame from it. Just ridicule.

If you look at some of the top porn sites, of which Mr. Porn Geek reviews a few of them, you can see a ton of ‘leaked’ videos from celebs. The vast majority of these are videos which celebs have given their approval to get out there. They think that by having a video, they can be the next Kim Kardashian or something like that. Or, at least the male celebs will think that females will find them hot enough to bang, and they can get fame from hanging around some of the best-looking people in the world.

They want a new job

Get your leaked images out there. People are talking about you. Companies love when people are talking about you (not all of them), and this means that they are far, far more likely to offer you a bit of work.

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